These children's books are freely available to anyone who wants to read! #public #kids

The Best Thing Ever

Muzi loves to build with his toys. But when he leaves them behind to travel to uGogo’s house, he discovers something very special about the world. And he learns something new about himself. Lauren Nel (illustrator), Stefania Origgi (designer).... थप

The Biscuit Jar Must Fall

Prudence promises Micki and her friends that when they finish cleaning Micki’s room they can have biscuits. But when they are finished, Prudence is nowhere to be found. So Micki and her friends spend the rest of their day finding ways to reach the biscuit jar… Siya Masuku (illustrator), Nadene Kriel... थप

Clever Pig

Pig loves to play! Clever Pig One day, Pig is gone. Will Pig come back? Josh Morgan (illustrator), Lee-Ann Knowles (designer), Carol Kagezi (editor).... थप

The Elephant in the Room

Lindi finds a very large elephant in her room. But is it really there if no one else believes in it? Michael Tymbios (illustrator), Thomas Pepler and Arthur Attwell (designer).... थप

Foxy Joxy Plays a Trick

Foxy Joxy, a sly fox, sells watermelons. One day he has a clever idea. The animals were not happy. What will they do to teach him a lesson? Mdu Ntuli (illustrator), Samantha Rice (designer), Margot Bertelsmann (editor).... थप

Goldfish Genius

Neo’s new goldfish is a genius. But when Neo goes outside to play, the goldfish tries to follow her and ends up going on an incredible adventure. Thea Nicole de Klerk (illustrator), Chenél Ferreira (designer), Ester Levinrad (editor).... थप


Lolo has many lovely friends. They are Sun and Moon and Star and Bird too. She would love to introduce them to you. Imile Wepener (illustrator), Rox Jaden Palmer (designer), Nabeela Kalla (editor).... थप

Hippo Wants to Dance

Hippo wants to dance. Won’t anyone dance with her? Megan Andrews (illustrator), Marisa Steyn (designer).... थप

Hugs in the City

This is Jilly. Today, she hugged most of the cats in town! JP Brouard (illustrator), Kalynne Vorster (designer).... थप

It Wasn’t Me!

Mom is going out for five minutes. What could go wrong? Gwendolene van der Merwe (illustrator), Alexandria Mackinnon (designer).... थप

Katiiti’s Song

Every day, Katiiti’s mother calls her with a beautiful song. One day, a crafty gorilla tries to sing as sweetly as her mother. Mary Marble (illustrator), Kirsten Walker (designer).... थप

Lara the Yellow Ladybird

A yellow bug in a world of red, Lara the Ladybird just wants to fit in. Catherine Holtzhausen (illustrator), Nadene Kriel (designer).... थप

Lieta tsa Molefi

Shongololo has lost his shoes, and the other animals are NOT being very helpful. Will he ever find them? Megan Lotter (illustrator), Marteli Kleyn (designer).... थप

The Lion Who Wouldn't Try

All the animals in the jungle are playing, except Lion. Why won’t Lion join in? André Kieswetter (illustrator), Nick Mulgrew (designer), Liz Sparg (editor).... थप

Little Goat

Little Goat wanders off to look for the sweet grass and doesn’t realise how far she is from Mother Goat. Nicola Anne Smith (illustrator), Tiffany Mac Sherry (designer), Nabeela Kalla (editor).... थप

Little Sock and the Tiny Creatures

It’s wash day for the Socks, but where has Little Sock gone? Lili Probart (illustrator), Chani Coetzee (designer).... थप

Mina and the Birthday Dress

Mina finds it hard to choose a dress for her special day. After giving Mum a tough time, Mina finally makes a choice. Nicci Nathanson (illustrator), Lauren Mitchell (designer), Elise Varga (editor).... थप

Miss Tiny Chef

Miss Tiny Chef is only eight years old. She does things other little girls wouldn’t do. Armed with a talking mingling stick that shares all its great recipes with her, Kasini stirs up a special surprise meal for mummy. Raymond Diby (illustrator), Ruramai Musekiwa (designer), Nabeela Kalla (editor).... थप

Mogau’s Gift

A child born with a full set of teeth? He surely is a miracle! Follow his adventure-filled story and find out where Mogau’s gifts take him. Shadrach Munene (illustrator), Rofhiwa Mudau (designer), Kelly Norwood-Young (editor).... थप

Mrs Penguin’s Perfect Palace

The Penguin family lives on the beach, surrounded by rubbish. Until one day, Mrs Penguin says: we need a house! But how will they build one? Celeste Beckerling (illustrator), Arthur Attwell (designer).... थप

My Dream in the Drawer

I once had a dream, so small and light, I kept it in a box. I kept it hidden, safe and sound, in my drawer of socks. Megan Lötter (illustrator), Marteli Kleyn (designer), Ester Levinrad (editor).... थप

My Special Hair

A story about my special hair. How special it can be. So many types of special hair. Just look around, you’ll see. Jess Jardim-Wedepohl (illustrator), Renate van Rensburg (designer), Kelly Norwood-Young (editor).... थप

Nomvundla and the Chilli-Eating Contest

Nomvundla and Soko are off to the Chilli-Eating Contest. Animals come from far and wide to try to win the amazing prize. Who will win and get to take a friend to the Hamba-Hamba Funfair? Adrien Folly-Notsron (illustrator), Natalie Walker (designer), Karen Hurt (editor).... थप

Palesa Can Walk

One-year-old Palesa spends the night before her birthday wide-eyed with excitement. She can’t wait to find out what each of her friends will bring her. But what will be the biggest surprise of all? Sinomonde Ngwane (illustrator), Thulisizwe Mamba (designer), Martha Evans (editor).... थप

The Rainbow Cloud: The Story of Mkabayi and Mmama

Born a twin that must be sacrificed, Mkabayi faces a bully and scary ghosts. Will the bond with her sister Mmama save her? Selina Morulane (illustrator), Sibusiso Mkhwanazi (designer), Glynis Lloyd (editor).... थप